g e n o m e

Self-generating and -varying music within defined parameters.
So each musical piece had it‘s own musical  g e n o m e
Using Samplr for the backing tracks (and ThumbJam for some solos)
I’ve also used Samplr in the radioplay „Gestrandet“.

g e n o m e  on Soundcloud:

If you like to play these pieces by yourself with the App Samplr
on your iPad, upload the following data into the Samplr
document folder:

> Damenhandtasche
> Heavy Rotation
 (works with the demo samples of samplr)
> After Eight
> Karnickel & Snow
> Gut Bürgerlich
> Tuvaklez
> One+One
> Highland (delivers a string ensemble chord progression in melodic minor)
> Trombozyt
> Kammerspiel

A lot of thanks to Marcos Alonso the developer
of Samplr & co-developer of Reactable








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